The Way Out: An Adult Bible Study on Exodus

Rev. Jonathan BowlingJonathan Bowling, Pastor of Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church, will be offering a Bible Study Class for Adults on the book of Exodus.

This class is offered as part of our church Ukulele Camp.

Tuesday-Thursday, August 15-17th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Dinner, Classes for All Ages, and a Sing-a-Long

Find out more about and register for our Ukulele Camp here!

The Way Out: Exodus 1-15

The story of God leading the people out of Egypt is a central story for Judaism and Christianity. Come to this Bible study to dig deeper into this story to enrich our understanding of it and it’s resonance with the New Testament.

  • If you are planning to attend, I invite you to do the not-required-but-very-helpful preparation of reading Exodus 1-15, which is only 15 pages in most Bibles. You can handle that at one sitting. ***Please come to the sessions even if you haven’t read,*** but it will enrich your experience of our time as well as our discussion if you have. 
  • As you read, write down anything that you find surprising on a 3×5 index card and leave it stuck in your Bible until we gather.
  • Also as you read, please send me your questions so that I can include them in my preparations if at all possible. You can email me at

See you soon!
Jonathan Bowling
Pastor, Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church

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