The singing and preforming of music are very significant parts of our worship of God for many in our congregation. We “love to tell the story” in words of song. Our music program is very strong, but we are always ready to welcome anyone who would like to participate. Your skill level is not nearly as important as your willingness to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

We are a medium sized church, but we have so many musical gifts to offer.

ChoirsThe Chancel Choir is our Adult Voice Choir.  They practice every Thursday Evening. On Sunday mornings they sing anthems and other special musical selections. Their repertoire includes everything from classical sacred music to gospel music.  They also assist the congregation as we learn new hymns. The choir’s members enjoy singing, but they also enjoy the fellowship that comes from spending time together. They enrich both the life of worship of our church as well as our sense of being a large family that cares for one another.

Our Hand Bell Choir meets every Thursday evening to practice the art of ringing. The music depends upon the whole group working together.  In our speech, we describe people working together “in concert” or “in harmony” – two musical metaphors to describe teamwork.  The handbell choir requires quite a bit of teamwork.  While a single voice or a single instrument might produce a fine solo or a beautiful melody.  A single ringer will only be playing two or four (or a couple more) notes at a time. Music will only be made when the entire group is playing together.  A non-musical metaphor might be that of the “Body of Christ” mentioned by Paul (1st Corinthians 12).  Without the efforts of one ringer, the gifts of another would be of little effect.  The Jubilee Bells work long and hard to come together as a group.  Their music in worship is a beautiful offering.

If you have interest in joining them, they are always looking for others to join their ranks.  One bonus for those in the bass section is that ringing the larger bells will provide quite a workout to ones arms!

Bells and UkesOur Ukulele Choir is quite a treat!  They are an inter-generational group that includes children, youth, younger parents, newly retired, and older adults.  Whether you are 9 or 90 or have played the “uke” all your life or don’t know that you’ve ever picked one up, there is a place in the ukulele choir for you!  The ukes have played folk songs, old favorite hymns, pop-music, children’s music and more.  They practice every Sunday evening and play in worship about once a month.  The ukulele choir is a fantastic way for folks to contribute whatever musical gifts they have to our church in a manner that is just plain fun!  Ukuleles are easy to learn and can be purchased for as little as $35 or so.  Guitarists can pick up a ukulele and be playing it in 5 minutes.  Beginners can make progress quickly, but those with the time to practice can create beautiful music.  Come and hear our ukulele choir play!  Or come and play alongside them!

Our Children’s Choir practices on Sunday Evenings (often just before other events for children that evening).  Sharon works very hard to create a choir that is both a joy to our church and a wonderful, nurturing space for our children.  The children have fun as they learn – through music – about our faith.

We also have a Children’s Ukulele Choir.  (Known as the Ukin’ Kids!)  Including children from Pre-K through elementary school, this choir is a wonderful, fun way to introduce children to the joys of singing and playing the ukulele!

Our Youth Instrumental Ensemble practices on Sunday after worship.  The ensemble is a great way for youth who take an instrument in school or in another setting to share their budding gifts with our congregation.   We are very thankful for the gifts of our children and youth!  They are quite a blessing!

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